• About Us

    Who we are

    We are JJ and Megan-Kate Hoover.  We have lived in the Cincinnati area now since 2012.  We decided to call Cincy home and have fallen in love with the area and have many close friends and strong relationships here.  We decided to start farming in 2016.  Research into how food is produced and the impact on our ecosystem as well as searching for a way to help Megan-Kate fight her Crohn's disease led to us finding and purchasing our 65 acre farm. 

    The Farm

    Our farm is based on raising food in a way that will not only be healthy for us but also lead to an environment that is sustainable and flourishing with life.  We will be raising grass fed beef, pastured pork, pastured chickens and eggs, and holiday turkeys. We also have in planning a permaculture orchard which will offer produce raised without additives and chemicals.  

    The Result

    Providing people in the area a chance to purchase food that aligns with their values and is a part of healthy living is only part of our mission.  We will be partnering with local churches and organizations to help provide local families and people in need with our food.  While coming along side our neighbors to try and help them through whatever rough patch they may be going through.  

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